15 May 2017

Fastest Way To Fund Your Payoneer Card/Account In Nigeria

Hello everyone and welcome to this post on the fastest and easiest way to fund your Payoneer card or account here in Nigeria.

While there are several ways to fund your Payoneer card or deposit money into your account, this method makes i.t a lot easier and fast. That you may even get dollars in your card in less than 30 minutes.

Which method am I talking about? 
Fund Payoneer card
Well the the easiest way to fund a Payoneer account is by getting a friend or fellow Payoneer account holder to transfer an agreed amount of Payoneer dollars into your own Payoneer account. To enable you make use of your Payoneer card for online purchases, make payments as well as do other things.

Now you may see it as something that is not so easy to do. Given the fact that you may not know of any one having a Payoneer account. 

And even if you do know of someone having a Payoneer account, most of them may actually not have funds in it. Leaving you with the difficulty of having to go looking for one. This is where we come in. But first let's see;

Uses Of Payoneer Dollars/Fund/Card

A lot of people fund their Payoneer account with dollars and then use it for so many things. Which include but not limited to;

==>1. Buying goods online from abroad (importation business)
A buyer used his payoneer card for importaion on Aliepress 

==>2. Payments online (school fees, Visa application fees, buying/renewal of domain and hosting plans etc)

==>3. Running of Facebook adverts. 

==>4. Some load their account with dollars in other to cover for expedite shipping of your Payoneer card. If the free option didn't work for you. 

Why People Prefer Payoneer MasterCards To Bank Dollar Cards

==>1. If you follow this post, its easy to get Payoneer funds compared to funding your bank dollar card.
==>2. Payoneer funds are a lot cheaper than dollars at the parallel market
==>3. Payoneer cards are easy to get while a dollar card will require a domiciliary account along with 2 reference and other minor requirements.
==>4. Payoneer cards are free. You can even get free $25 for owning one

The Fast & Easy Payoneer Card/Account Funding Method

The easiest and fastest way to fund your Payoneer account is through an exchanger who supports not just buying of Payoneer funds but also selling of the funds.

Since they get individuals willing to sell their Payoneer dollars on a regular bases, they will always have funds and can transfer to your account at will.

Before now, we only exchange Payoneer dollars for naira at a very good rate. But after so many request from people, we've also decided to sell. So as to help curb the difficulties faced by majority when searching for Payoneer funds.

How To Fund Your Payoneer Card Account Through Us

Its easy! All you have to do is;

==>1. You must have an active Payoneer account. Whether or not you've activated your card.
==>2. Then contact us on WhatsApp using this number 07030602334 or on Telegram using this username: @uchefrancis
==>3. We reply instantly on Whatsapp. You just have to tell us the amount you need. We discuss the rate and you pay the equivalent.
==>4. After payment, we will credit your Payoneer account with the agreed amount of Payoneer dollars.

For previous proof of payment, kindly check out our buying page here. When selling to us, payment is usually instant. However, when funding, it depends on the flow of funds, but you will be credited the same day. So do well to reach us on time because it's first come, first serve.

Our Contact Details
Chat up on Whatsapp with 07030602334
Telegram: @uchefrancis

5 May 2017

Etisalat Easybusiness Tariff Plan: Various Add-ons & Bundles to Help Manage Your Business

Business executives will surely love this. The Etisalat Easy Business is the tariff specifically targeted at business owners to help them manage their businesses and their staff. This is especially useful for those of them using a lot of data in their business. It gives a share wallet, which allows users to share data among their clients.

Easybusiness 2.0 tariff has both voice and data bundles that offer the subscribers the flexibility and opportunity to customise their plans. Those on this plan will be able to select from a list of different add-on services that are presently existing on the Etisalat network.

How Easybusiness 2.0 Works/Benefits

Below is the breakdown of the benefits you are bound to enjoy if you are on Easybusiness 2.0
•    Easy business 1000 @ ₦1,000 gives 70 minutes of talk time plus 750MB of data. This is valid for 30 days
•    Easy business 2000 @ ₦2,000 gives 150 minutes of talk time plus 1.5GB of data. This is valid for 30 days
•    Easy business 2000 voice @ ₦2,000 gives double of the above, 300 minutes of talk time but with no data. This is valid for 30 days
•    Easy business 5000 @ ₦5,000 gives 300 minutes of talk time plus 5GB of data. This valid for 30 days
•    Easy business 10000 @ ₦10,000 gives 650 minutes of talk time plus 10GB of data. This is valid for 30 days
Others are:
•    Staff 1000 of data package @ ₦1,000 which gives 750MB plus 70 minutes of talk time
•    Staff 1000 of voice package @ ₦1,000 which gives 150 minutes of talk time with no data
•    Staff 1000 XS voice package which gives 500 CUG minutes for calls within call user group (CUG) and 55 national minutes for others outside the group.

Other benefits of Easybusiness

•    You will get an extra cost saving tariff within the bundle.
•    You are also going to enjoy free add-ons in form of 5 business tips, 20 SMS, zero-rated access to SME arena website.
•    You will have the chance of bundle customisation with add-on solutions like the insurance plan, CUG, chat pack, and international call bundle among others.

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If you’re really in big business with staff to monitor, I think this plan may suit your business needs.

Easybusiness Bundles and Their Migration Codes

To simplify and summarise the migration codes to any bundle of your choice in Etisalat Easybusiness, I will use the table below:

Minutes offered
Migration Code
business 1000
750 MB
Business 2000
1.5 GB
business 2000 (voice)
business 5000
business 10000
staff 1000 (data)        
*246*4*business number*22#
staff 1000 (voice)       
*246*4*business number*21#
staff CUG XS
55(national) 500 (CUG)
*246*4*executive MSISDN*23#

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Business executives do well to consider this offer from Etisalat by dialling any of those codes that fit in your business needs.

16 Apr 2017

2017 List Of All Airtel Tariff Plans, Rates & Migration Code

Airtel Nigeria came across like a communication network that is capable of providing a competitive alternative to Nigerian telecommunication users. And if you checked out their tariff plans for April 2017, you will agree that there is nothing you want in any tariff of other networks that you will not find on Airtel.

This is not April fools. No! Forget About April Fool’s Day. You will want to port your lines to Airtel Nigeria after reading through what I have in this post.

Yes, you likely have come across on this blog various MTN, Glo, and Etisalat tariff plans. But I tell you, and believe it, all that these networks have to offer and a lot more have been simulated in one tariff or the other in the Airtel network.

Let’s see them one at a time. I’m here to introduce you Airtel subscribers (or the prospective ones) to the current plans that will make you stick to your lovely network that brands itself the smartphone network.

 Airtel SmartCONNECT

By default, this is a welcome plan on the Airtel network. Airtel SmartCONNECT gives you  200% bonus on every recharge from ₦200 upward and 7 hours of night call, which you will use between 11 pm. and 6 am. at the rate of 11 kobo per second.

Airtel smartTALK 2.0

SmartTALK 2.0 is the prepaid plan that allows you to make calls to any networks in Nigeria at 11kobo per second and there’s nothing like a first minute call. But don’t forget, you are going to be charged ₦5 daily access fee.
Click here to read more about Airtel smartTALK click here.

Airtel smartTRYBE

This is a very cheap tariff plan that is loved by most Airtel subscribers in Nigeria. With Airtel TRYBE, you can try to be anything you desire with your calls because it’s designed to keep you connected to everything that matters to you.

Airtel smartPREMIER

Airtel smart Premier is one of the cheapest tariff plans on the Airtel network as it has the advantage of portability, and migration into smartPREMIER is free.  A beauty of this tariff plan is that the charges for both local and international calls are the same, being 40 kobo per second for the first minute and kobo per second for the subsequent calls.

Airtel smartVALUE

Another tariff from Airtel suitable for the local and international calls is The Airtel smartVALUE for local and international calls. You are charged 15 kobo per second flat for local calls and 20 kobo per second for international calls made to USA, Canada, China, India and UK landline without any access fee or daily rental charge.

Airtel Premier Connect

Airtel Premier Connect tariff plan combines all bundles in one as you will see. It gives you the double or triple of all your recharge which you can use anyhow. In addition, you’ll get bonuses in form of either sms or data bundle and you won’t pay for calls made to your phone while abroad, it’s free.

Airtel smartROAM

If you are on Airtel smartROAM, you just need to recharge for ₦5000 and above in a month to be able to freely receive calls unlimited on 10 networks in 5 different countries. Once that level is reached, you will be able to receive calls when you are away in countries like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The UK, The US and UAE free for 30 days.

Airtel smartTRYBE Junior

Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior is a plan that runs on an App that is designed in form of instructional materials for the wards and children of primary and secondary schools. It has a 3D interactive multimedia program that is based on the academic curriculum.

14 Apr 2017

Airtel smartVALUE: Benefits + Migration Codes for Local & International Call

 As you are basking in the Euphoria of Airtel smartPREMIER, see how you are greeted by another goodie from Airtel. This is the Airtel smartVALUE tariff plan. This plan is quite revolutionary. How?

For local calls, it is 15 kobo per second flat. You don’t have to pay any daily access fee or any daily or monthly rental charge. It’s automatic. And as for the international calls, it’s 20 kobo per second.

Benefits of Airtel smartVALUE

I think it’s this international calls aspect of it that is the strong side to this Airtime smartVALUE tariff that makes it attractive to the subscribers. Presently, calls are made to countries like USA, Canada, China, India and UK landline at 20 kobo per second flat.

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This plan is available to all prepaid Airtel subscriber whether new or the existing ones. However, like some other juicy plans on this the Airtel network, it’s beyond the reach of post-paid customers and those carrying staff prepaid lines.

As for the SMS, it is charged at the regular rate of ₦4 per SMS to any local destination and at the rate of ₦15 per SMS to international destinations.Do you see some semblance between this Airtime smartVALUE and it smartPREMIER counterpart? I think they are just alternatives if you calculated well. Your basic need will determine which of them you will opt for. Both are equally sweet.

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How to Migrate to Airtel smartVALUE

If you want to migrate to this plan, dial *314#. Migration is free for the first migration of the month. Subsequent migration within the same month will attract a charge of ₦100.
If you want to opt out of this plan, just dial the migration code for the plan you desire.

11 Apr 2017

Airtel smartPREMIER: The Tariff Plan of 11k Per Second for Local and International Calls

To be honest, I love this Airtel smart Premier tariff plan! Airtel smartPremier is a tariff plan you too are bound to fall in love with if you are an international caller. The reason for this is that it allows you to make both local and international calls at the rate of 11 kobo per second. Imagine that!

How Airtel smartPREMIER Works

You will be charged 40 kobo per second for 1st one minute of the day only. Thereafter, you continue to pay 11k/sec to call any network in Nigeria. The charge is the same for international calls to all the United Kingdom landlines. Apart from that, calls to the United States, India, Canada, China and India cost the same. Calls to South Africa also qualify for this tariff, but with some conditions attached.

Benefits of Airtel smartPREMIER 

Airtel smartPREMIER affords you the opportunity to receive calls for free while roaming. Believe it or not; you have up to about 500 minutes to receive freely in a month. Just try it.

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Apart from being able to make calls at a flat rate of 11k per second, you will also enjoy free data bonuses on every recharge. The minimum data bonus is 5MB and this is for the recharge of between ₦100 and ₦198. The higher the value of your recharge, the more your data bonus. For instance, if you recharge up to ₦1000 at once, you will get up to 150MB.
The charge for sms on this plan is the same ₦4 to any local network and ₦15 to those 5 international destinations...

Complete Guide On How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel - See more at: http://www.naijatechlovers.com/2016/09/complete-guide-on-how-to-transfer.html#.WN5elbjmbIU

How to Migrate to Migrate to Airtel smartPREMIER

Hey, all of you post-paid subscribers and those with staff prepaid lines, this is not for you. So steer clear and try other tariffs.
Are you beginning to fall for this plan? The code to dial is *318# and you become the Airtel premier for free. But wait a minute. While you enjoy free portability, be informed that’s only for the first migration in a month.

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If you have to migrate subsequently in the same month, be prepared to part with ₦100.
And if you want to opt out of the plan, simply dial the code of the plan you want to migrate to and you are out at once.

10 Apr 2017

Airtel smartROAM: All You Need to Know + Rates & Eligibility While You Are Abroad

It’s like Airtel is the communication network for travelers. The reason? Okay, check out this Airtel smartROAM. As if all they gave us as options in Airtel smartVALUE, Airtel premierCONNECT and Airtel smartPREMIER are not enough, they still come up with the Airtel smartROAM.

Benefits of Airtel SmartROAM

Airtel smartRoam is the plan that gives Airtel subscribers the opportunity to receive free incoming calls while they are roaming on 10 different networks in 5 different countries. To enjoy this, the subscriber must have recharged up to ₦5,000 or more in a given month.
This can be earned through a single recharge of that amount once a month or cumulatively in that same month. This means that if you recharge ₦1000 five times or ₦500 ten times, you are still eligible. Just anyhow it goes, so far it reaches ₦5000 in total in a month. You can recharge through VTU, ERC, ATM or just any means of recharge.

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Once that level is reached you will be able to receive calls when you are away in countries like Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The United Kingdom, United States and United Arab Emirate. The free calls are valid for 30 days. After the 30 days, you will have to recharge ₦5000 again to continue your eligibility for those benefits. These benefits will be attached to your line within 48 hours of recharging.

However, if you upgrade your credit limit in a particular month, you will not enjoy the benefits of Smart ROAM till the following month.

Post-paid subscribers, are you there? This Airtel offer is for you big guys. But you can’t enjoy smartROAM thorough ME2U transfer of creditAnother benefit is that your ₦5000 remains in your account to use for sms data or roaming calls, even if your account balance is less than ₦5000. Since you have hit the ceiling that month. But you shouldn’t expect any discount on your calls, sms and data rate. They are charged at standard roaming rates.

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Let me quickly inform you that there is a limit to the amount of free minutes of receiving calls that you can enjoy. It’s 300 minutes per month for calls in the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa while it’s 100 minutes per month for calls you can receive while in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

8 Apr 2017

Airtel smartTRYBE Junior: Cool Tariff Plan for Students and Parents

Airtel SmartTRYBE Junior is a plan that runs an educational App on all android devices. It is designed in form of instructional materials for the wards and children of primary and secondary schools. It has a 3D interactive multimedia program that is based on the standard academic curriculum and various exam syllabuses.

It’s designed especially with students in West African sub-region, especially Nigeria, in mind. It incorporates materials like flash cards (more 50,000), Continuous Assessment, Exam prep, Lab simulations etc.

Benefits of Airtel smartTRYBE Junior

The content is in conformity with the curriculum designed by the Federal Ministry of Education. The rate is 40 kobo per second for the 1st minute and 20 kobo per minute for the subsequent calls.

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You also get to call the usual top 5 international destinations of US, Canada, UK land line, India and China at the rate of 30 kobo per second. Sms costs ₦2 per sms to local line and ₦15 per sms for the international line.

The most obvious (neither the only nor the best) advantage of this plan is the Family and Friends rate. The cost of calls to registered numbers on this is 11 kobo per second and ₦2 per sms. 

Other benefits of smartTRYBE Junior include:

  • Kids with smartTRYBE Junior will enjoy free airtime to call their parents
  • Anytime the parents recharge, 10% is credited to the kids’ line
  • They will also enjoy 100% bonus of data purchases from 200MB and above and much more
  • In addition, every airtime recharge of ₦200 gives 15 MB bonus of data per week
  • The courses that are approved by NERDC are presented in a simple format that makes learning interesting for the kids.
  • The educational content of this app covers up to 15 subjects from Primary 1 to SSS 3.
  • When you use data on this app, you don’t incur any data. It’s zero-rated

Before you migrate to this plan, you have an option of choosing among various sub-plans, from daily to annually. Check the table below for clarity of what I’m saying.

Validity Period
1 day
7 days
Monthly Lite
30 days
Monthly Full
30 days
90 days
365 days

Are you a parent, or a school child? And you feel like migrating right away? There you are already.

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How to Migrate to SmartTRYBE Junior

The code is *317#. Connect to it from your Airtel line. Firstly, you will need to download the app. The app is available on the Google apps store. Use “smartTRYBE” as your search word.

It’s available only to the prepaid customers.