8 Jul 2016

Great! Very Soon, Family And Friends Will First Be Shown On Facebook News Feed

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I really love where Facebook heading to and am sure most people will also love this too, Your family or friends post should be the one that will appear on your News Feed before any other person.. family and friends are the main people we want to be seeing on our Facebook that’s why we add them up, we want to see their latest update like content or pictures.

For example, One of your family update a post consisting of where she want to do her birthday and she invite everyone there but when you log in to your Facebook, it’s not appearing at the first page and again you don’t want to spend much time online because of your megabyte for something else, but when you did not see that you family post who posted where her birthday ceremony will take place in the first and second page, you will rather log out because there is no post about any of your family that you can read.

Don’t quote me wrong, I am not saying you login to Facebook because of you family or friend but there is a situation whereby when you see you friend or family update, you will want to go through it than any other.

Facebook has come to the discovery that people would really prefer the News Feed to disseminate helpful information and refreshing entertainment. Hence its algorithms are constantly on the change so what you see is well associated with what you probably consider entertaining or informative. 

These could happen to be posts pertaining to trending events, stories concerning your celebrities even some local news, recipes funny photos etc
Now ,when you can contribute to customizing news Feed by making use of the Hide, Unfollow, as well as See first options when you see the essence to do so – this will notably assist help Facebook’s algorithms evolve more handsomely towards the target of showing you what you would love

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