8 Jul 2016

Lenovo Promises To Lunch Bendable Smartphone In 5 Years Time

Technology is really growing though we haven’t seen the bendable smartphone but Lenovo is promising us so let’s wait and see.. That smartphone will be OK because you can even put your hand inside as if you are putting on a wrist watch, Kudos to  Lenovo because they are also coming up with something tangible.
it will be OK if they can keep to their promise and am really sure of them because they don’t really change their promise.

Am sure that when these phone is out, Nigerian will rush it in market even people that can not afford to but Nokia 3310 will struggle to buy it, Nigerian love top show, ahhh LOL

Recently, Lenovo unveiled a concept product tagged the CPlus. This product rocked a 4.26-inch flexible display as well as being compatible with Google’s Android mobile operating system. Nevertheless Lenovo chose not to commercialise the product keeping it off sales, Lenovo yet nourishes plans to thrust it in the market within five years time
Lenovo hasn’t fix the exact time for this but am sure that five years to do time, they will fulfil their promise. Lenovo has been working its way around experiments with innovative features on smartphones in an overall market. This is as device makers strive to put a defining touch to products distinguishing it from rivals’. According to reports, Samsung is also planning to introduce it’s own bendable smartphone very soon.

So stay cool,  by the next five years, lenovo will shock you with bendable smartphone.

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