26 Jul 2016

Skype Will No Longer Support The Older Versions Of Windows Phone, Android And OS X

Note that Skype will not really be compatible with Windows 10 Mobile; consequently disposing support for Windows Phone 8.1; commencing October this year although Microsoft has officially declared it will be call off or better still disposing older version of operating system for skype so that it will no longer be compatible

Microsoft does not really want to much of operating system on there list but mostly out dated version and this is just because their can be enough space for the new version to come in. the first device Microsoft really want to tackle on is windows phone, they want to dispose the older version of windows phone first for Skype. Like I said the first device will be windows phone while the next device to tackle will be Android phone .
Any android version that is older than Android 4.0.3 will not be compatible with Skype 6.2 but the older version of Skype which is Skype 4 may be working for the older version of android too which can also operate on Android 2.3 .
Let me finally tell you that the next in line after Android will be Mac, Skype 7.0 will be only compatible with MacOS 10.9 so those with older versions will cultivate the usage of web client.    

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