3 Sep 2016

Easiest Way To Check Your Bank BVN On Phone Anywhere At Anytime

Hello guys i believe you all know what bank verification number BVN is all about as its no longer a new thing. However, for those of you who may not know, or still require little info about what it is all about,..

Bank Verification Number otherwise known as BVN is an initiative of the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) to ensure transparency, security and easy assessment of data, fund in accordance with best practices in developed countries. For more on bvn go here.

BVN checking on phone

Normally, this number is 11 digit in number which can be tough to memorize and recall off head as the numbers are usually so roughly arranged making it hard to remember compared to phone numbers. So in this post, you will get to learn the easiest way to check your BVN on your mobile phone when ever it is required of you.

How To Check Your BVN On Phone!

code to check bvn on phone
Apart from checking your bvn online using your banks internet banking facilities, you can also check your Bank Verification Number on your mobile phone. Which happen to be the easiest way to do so. So to do so, simply dial this USSD code *565*0# from that particular line you used for registration for that bank account. 

After loading, the eleven digit number will be visible on your screen as seen in the below image. This method works on all network (MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat) and for all Nigerian banks (zenith, access, ecobank, diamond, firstbank, gtb, etc). But mind you, the code might require you to have a minimum of N10 on your line especially glo and etisalat. So if it doesn't work, check your airtime balance.

bank bvn number

Why You Should Consider Using This Option?
==>1. Saving your BVN in your phone's contact list might not be the wisest thing to do.
==>2. Its very easy as it only requires you dialing a code on your phone and the number will pop out
==>3. As long as you are with your phone, your BVN will easily be accessible to you
==>4. It does not require internet connection. Neither does it require you calling any customer care line to request for it.
==>5. Checking of BVN using this method is actually possible on just any phone be it Android, Windows phone, iPhone, blackberry and even nokia touch light.

With that said, it is advisable for you to do your bvn once you create your account to avoid going back for that on a later date. However, if you already have any account and created a new one with another bank, you might also want to see how to link your bvn to all your bank accounts on phone without going to the bank.

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