10 Sep 2016

Sell Your Payoneer Dollars To Us At A Very Good Rate In Naira

Its now official... If you have been following this blog, you must have noticed that we've got a thing for Payoneer due to the number of detailed posts we've made about its account opening, making money with it, getting your card shipped free and paid as well as various other posts that can be found here.

If you are old to Payoneer, you must have as well noticed that withdrawing your Payoneer dollars using your Payoneer MasterCard in Nigerian banks ATM is certainly not the wisest thing to so due to the ridiculously low rate they offer.
Payoneer to naira exchanger
To affirm this, before the dollar hike, when naira was N200 to a dollar, this ATM machines paid Payoneer card users as low as N187 to a dollar. Fast forward to now when dollar is at it's peak, this same bank ATMs pay you N284 meaning you loose over N150 to every single dollar you withdraw not minding the $3.4 charge per withdrawal.

Now, to let you off the hook, we buy Payoneer dollars at a very good rate using the current market rate. And also depending on the volume (any amount) you have to sell. So the higher the amount of Payoneer dollars you have in your account to sell to us, the juicier the rate in naira - you get the drill?

So if you work online and get paid via Payoneer, we are your best bet to getting a good naira equivalent for your Payoneer dollars.

We reply instantly on Whatsapp... After discussion, we receive your dollars and make payments instantly as well into any Nigerian bank of choice.

The rates change often so it wouldn't be wise for me to give out a value here. So reach us on Whatsapp for our current Payoneer dollar to naira exchange rate. This opportunity is best for those working online or under;

==>U.S, UK Adsense account owners
==>Those that work, earn with Fiverr and get paid via Payoneer.
==>Payoneer affiliate program
==>VA's (virtual assistants) that get paid via Payoneer
==>As well as other Payoneer earners.

To reach me Uche Francis, simply hit me on Whatsapp with 07030602334 you can also use the link to add me up on facebook... And I repeat, reply is instant & pay is also instant.

Payments Proofs!
Below is a few screenshot from some of our previous transactions. You can click on any of them to see it clearly.

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  1. Authentic, fast and reliable service. Thumbs Up.

  2. Their service is just as good as it is fast. Payment is instant as soon as they confirm transaction.
    I have been exchanging with them for months and have recommended them to several people. They have not failed me so far and neither have my friends complained.
    Highly recommended!

  3. my is different o i want to fund my payoneer can u also do that pls?

    1. I do that too bro but there are conditions attached. Reach me on whatsapp.

  4. At first I didn't believe uche, but you have to trust someone, especially when they tell you truth and honesty a watch word.I am glad I exchanged my payoneer with success, thank God for Uche, seriously am glad.

    1. Thanks bro. Glad you liked my services. See you next month.

  5. Do u also deal with euros bcos I hve a us payoneer account
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  6. No dear. I only buy Payoneer dollars not Payoneer euro. Had it being Payoneer pounds, I would have sent u over to a friend who buys that.

  7. I will try this service, it is the best rate I have seen so far.

    1. Glad you consider it best bro. Looking forward to exchanging your payoneer dollars for you.

  8. Replies
    1. Kindly reach me on whatsapp for the current rate using the number given in the post

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    1. I don't buy pounds bro... Just dollars

  10. Enter your comment...i'll try ur service brother