1 Dec 2016

Great! Instagram Now Notifies You When Someone Screenshots Your DMs

Nice one! As an Instagram user… Instagram's latest Snapchat plagiarism update lets you send self-destructing messages to your friends. Just know that your friend will be notified if you take a screenshot of their message. Instagram has a weird, dual-identity thing going on right now; When you open the app, you see the feed you're accustomed to, with the standard buttons for snapping pictures of babies and brunches, but you can also swipe over to a new window that lets you send ephemeral messages. Literally swipe from the left to the right of your screen to get to the new window.

Snap your picture or Boomerang and you'll have the option to send it directly to individual friends. After they view it, it'll delete itself. Though there is a recent Instagram screenshot feature that's legitimately kind of creepy. Take a screenshot of your feed and Instagram will pop a new window down saying "You can share this post with your friends."

Most importantly, the app understands that you've taken a screenshot of an image, presumably to send to someone or post online, and it'll offer a few ways to officially share the image if you tap the button.

NOTE: The notifications are only for the new disappearing message feature, which, if you're anything like me, you probably can't figure out how to use anyway.

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